A More Complex PHP script using the YouTube API (with video details) PART 2

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  1. Good post. Diggin’ that $_GET hack man, great little script.

  2. Hi,
    I can’t run the program getting the error
    Fatal error: Cannot instantiate non-existent class: simplexmlelement

    I gather I need php5 to make it run, but only have php4.4.1

    Is it possible tor ewrite that piece of code to accomodate older php versions?

  3. Netchicken, you need the SimpleXML library (or PHP5) to run the above code. For PHP 4.1 I would recommend php.net/xml or php.net/xml_parse_into_struct or just upgrade to PHP5 (if you can)

  4. Here’s an introduction to simpleXML:


    good luck!

  5. Is there a pre compiled version available for download or emailed? As a n00b, I’m having a heck of a time just trying to get it compiled correctly in my editor. When I call it, I just keep getting error’s on a line, then I try and fix and then I get one on another. I have searched everywhere for just this sort of thing and am desperate to get it functioning.

    Thanks in advance.

  6. n01un0,

    We’re actually working on a batch of open source project scripts at the moment, and hope to release them soon. When we’re done, we may have our own hosted projects and OOP packages up sooner than you think.

    For now, feel free to email us any specific errors you’re having and/or post them here. We’re always happy to help.


  7. ARGH!
    I have no clue what I’m doing. I have spent all night working on this thing. I have cut and pasted the above and then tried to put it correctly in my editor and its error after error after error. This is no help for someone who dont know what thier doing. I dont understand if your taking the time to write all the above and post, why you just cant post it correctly so I can save as php or cut and paste correctly. All this work and I am not even sure if it will do what I’m wanting it to do because the only example is a jpg and not working demo.

    Sorry, just frustrated. Hope you release something soon before I pull all my hair out.

  8. Don’t pull your hair out. We’re actually working as we speak on a source code server setup that will allow us to run scripts and show you demos. However, like I said before, if you have any specific questions, feel free to email us: info at waxjelly.com

    Hope we can help!

  9. NICE!

    Thanks, I’ll be shooting you an email in a few.
    Many many many thanks!

  10. Hello, I commented on the last “simple entry” regarding PHP, and the Youtube XML API.

    I was wondering why you use SimpleXML instead of Expat, which is more widely available by default.

    I wrote a PHP script that uses Expat to create a hotlinked thumbnail from the top most recently featured video XML. Its’ source is available here: http://netrunner1.farvista.net/tube/expattube.txt

    It’s pretty buggy because of the mandatory function calls Expat uses to handle elements. I only spent maybe an hour writing it, but it’s fully commented, and gives a example of how you’d go about doing it.

  11. I’ve been watching this post for a weeks now and you have taken the content down to redirect to your waxjelly website, yet that site has never been up!
    Would be great if you post it back here till you sort out your main website issues.

    Much appreciated!

  12. podaa kasamaalam…nee elaaam oru dubaakoor…

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  16. Спасибо, хорошая статья. Подписался.

  17. That wasn’t the wisest move on his part, but luckily you were able to get that taken care of.

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