Simple YouTube API Class in PHP: Redeaux

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  1. […] YouTube API Class: Redeaux I am absolutely certain that the grand majority of you have been waiting in the wings for the latest installment of WaxJelly?s now famous YouTube API class. Thanks for waiting. In the wings. Wherever they are. … […]

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  3. […] View the new post here Posted by Meshach Filed in API’s, HTML / CSS, YouTube, PHP / MySQL, Tutorials, Web Sites, Web 2.0 […]

  4. I will be implementing this killa feature into our EPK, If I can get it going. Thanks for the great work!

  5. Wrock. Let us know when it’s in place!

  6. Hi there,

    I’m a oldschooler using PHP4, waiting for ya for new version for PHP4. A new one for an old one. Is that’s cool? Keep up your good work.


  7. I am gona use this on my site for several pages, just wondering is this a resourse intensive thing ?

    Like would it be better if we cache some stuff to make it faster and only update once a day or something ?

  8. hello!
    please tell me if i`m allowed to use adsense on this script. Thank You!

  9. Pham Quang Hung:
    Yes, we’re writing a new version for PHP4 that utilizes domXML, we should be done with it shortly.

    Farhan, we’re actually going to be writing a caching feature pretty soon built in to the class, but this is a very resourceful class, and it’s using youtube’s bandwidth — as long as you limit the number of results you get (which we do) you’ll be fine.

    I don’t understand what you’re asking exactly, but you can do whatever you want with it.

  10. bryan thank you for your answer and sorry about my english. i want to ask you if youtube will not punish me if i use this script with adsense. thank you!

  11. Thanks for the reply bryan.

    I’ll look forward to it :)

  12. Razvan, please just include the following somewhere on your implementation of the script and you’ll be fine:

    another project by waxjelly


  13. hello bryan. i have this error
    Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting T_OLD_FUNCTION or T_FUNCTION or T_VAR or ‘}’ in /home/creanga/public_html/yt/youtube.class.php on line 36

    This is becouse i dont have php 5 installed on my server? thank you!

  14. Yes, Razvan. That’s exactly the problem. We’re working on a php4 version of this script, but until then, we’re only able to support php5.We also plan to build in an error-check at the beginning of the script to tell you what you’ve got installed, but for now, we just have to trust you to know how to do that.

  15. Is there an easy way to make it display the videos of specified user instead of tag?

  16. Brett, it’s currently restricted to tags only, we’re about to release a deluxe version along with PHP4 compatability, give it a little time. Sorry about that.

  17. Meshach thank you for your answer

  18. Hi,

    very nice script, results on your website is great !! But i have a little problem … i’m using php4 ;-(

    I read taht you were working on a php4 version.. Do you have some news about it ? I’m really waiting for it ..

    Moreover, i read somewhere differences between php4 and php5. Can you explain me shortly what will be the changes you are going to do ?

    -> public word
    -> constructor …

    Thanks in advance,


  19. Salim, this really should be an article but a brief explanation is the packages that come pre-installed with PHP5 differ from PHP4, such as SimpleXML which is the package you need to run this script.

    the public/private/protected keywords for class properties were introduced. PHP5 was really a big jump towards object-oriented progamming.

    constructor’s in PHP4 used to be the name of the class itself, so for example:
    class youtube {
    function youtube() {
    // this would be the constructor

    now you can specify in PHP5
    class youtube {
    __constructor($var) {

    $youtube = new youtube(‘something’);


  20. Hi i’ve notice that the per_page variable stop working when you made searchs with spaces between the words, like: robin hood

    so i’ve changed the line 129 of youtube.class.php

    old line:
    youtube::modify_call($method . ‘&dev_id=’ . $this->config[‘api_key’] . $this->tag);

    new line:
    youtube::modify_call($method . ‘&per_page=’.$this->config[‘per_page’].’&dev_id=’ . $this->config[‘api_key’] . $this->tag);

  21. Hi,

    Very nice plug-in. Is PHP4 there yet?

  22. Is this script available for php4 version?

  23. Very good script.

    When php4 version will be available?

  24. Vaibhav… soon. We promise.

    Emulatore… Thanks for the bug fix. We’ll get that implemented as soon as we can.

  25. Coming soon… “PHP4 vs PHP5: what’s the diff, and why should you care?”

  26. hi, i might’ve founded an error

    search for rocket and you will see that there are 1175 pages avaible:

    go to page 1170 and there we have errors:

    the errors i got were:

    Notice: Undefined index: video_list in /home/11241/domains/ on line 193

    Notice: Undefined index: video_list in /home/11241/domains/ on line 205

    Notice: Undefined index: video_list in /home/11241/domains/ on line 206

    Notice: Undefined index: video_list in /home/11241/domains/ on line 13

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/11241/domains/ on line 37

  27. We do actually know about this bug. It’s just telling you that there is no default tag being set. We’ve fixed this in the new class, coming soon.

    In other news, it helps us out tremendously if you digg our stuff (hint, hint).

  28. Hi!
    Thanks for the great script!
    I’m calling it like by doing this:

    $yt = new youtube();
    $res = $yt->videos($artist)
    I then display with:


    every so often I get the following error:

    Warning: file_get_contents( Bocelli&page=1&per_page=4) [function.file-get-contents]: failed to open stream: HTTP request failed! HTTP/1.1 500 Server Error in /vhost/home/test/test/var/www/html/beta/test/search/youtube/youtube.class.php5 on line 173

    Fatal error: Uncaught exception ‘Exception’ with message ‘String could not be parsed as XML’ in /vhost/home/test/test/var/www/html/beta/test/search/youtube/youtube.class.php5:174 Stack trace: #0 /vhost/home/test/test/var/www/html/beta/test/search/youtube/youtube.class.php5(174): SimpleXMLElement->__construct(”) #1 /vhost/home/test/test/var/www/html/beta/test/search/youtube/youtube.class.php5(139): youtube->display() #2 /vhost/home/test/test/var/www/html/beta/test/client.php5(142): youtube->videos(‘Andrea Bocelli’) #3 {main} thrown in /vhost/home/test/test/var/www/html/beta/test/search/youtube/youtube.class.php5 on line 174

    Any suggestions on why this happens are greatly appreciated – it happens for varying $artist values..

    p.s: I’m trying to get only 1 return value –
    and I have the per_page set to 1 or 2 – not sure it works with 1 actually..

    what’s the best way to do that and avoid my error? i.e. only return 1 hit?


  29. Fantastic job! It works great.
    One thing tho, I tried setting paginate to show 9 vids, it does on first page but other pages revert to 20.
    Also when I click on a video to view it on a page past page 1, I can waych it but pages revert back to page 1.

    Any fix or did I do something wrong?


  30. waxjelly thinkin build a ajax version of this class?

  31. Your sourcecode files have error, your sample url working.

    Im install this files, when i select any video, page refreshing and going to page 1, why ?

  32. I wrote a version for PHP4. It has the following usage:

    $yt = new YouTube($dev_id);
    $title = $yt->getVideoTitle(‘FoSdgbI6PKs’);
    $img_urlk = $yt->getVideoThumbnail(‘FoSdgbI6PKs’);

    I don’t have it posted live on any server, but if you want it, free feel to email me at info [at] fantasyhiphop [dot] com

  33. youtube.class.php has NO troubles looking for 1 word at a time, but when looking for more it crashes.

    I’ve just replaced the spaces with “+” using this in the part (line 123, i guess):


    case BY_TAG:
    if (isset($_GET[‘tag’]))
    $tag_nuevo=str_replace(” “,”+”,$_GET[‘tag’]);
    $this->tag = ‘&tag=’ . $tag_nuevo;

    that’s it!!
    BUT it crashes AGAIN when i look for
    “axl rose usa tour 1990”

    showing the error:
    Fatal error: Cannot use string offset as an array in /home/website/public_html/youtube.class.php on line 197

    and I’m still trying to discover the reason.

    That’s all folks, i hope i can help fixing more of this great source of code. ciao

  34. Haven’t used it, but I feel compelled to point out a simple trick. Instead of determining rows via incrementing i and checking if it’s equal to the number of columns desired and then resetting it, you can use a for loop and do this instead:

    if (!$i % 3) echo “”;

    You can also do something like this if it fits what you need (it’ll automatically create a new td for each i unless i%3==0, then it will close the td, close the tr, and open a new row and td):

    echo (!$i % 3) ? “” : “”;

    Hope someone finds this useful.

  35. Great script which worked perfectly on my local dev setup but collapsed when uploaded to Dreamhost. Fix is below…

    If you are getting message “Warning: fopen(): URL file-access is disabled in the server configuration”, then allow_url_fopen is set to off in php_ini.

    An alternative is to use the CURL extension (which you may need to install). Works a treat.


    $this->return = file_get_contents(youtube::return_call());


    $ch = curl_init();
    curl_setopt ($ch, CURLOPT_URL,youtube::return_call());
    curl_setopt ($ch, CURLOPT_HEADER, 0);
    curl_exec ($ch);
    curl_close ($ch);
    $string = ob_get_contents();
    $this->return = $string;
    } else {
    $this->return =file_get_contents(youtube::return_call());

  36. Not english bug
    get error if Tag or search none english.

  37. I would like to have this in a php4 version.

  38. Hey Peeps,

    I’ve been looking for a script like this for abit. However needed it in PHP4 so I converted it over and works pretty good. Now looking to clean up code and add a few features. I’ve radically changed the design and some of the code. Let me know what you think:

  39. I have a question, if someone can help me with it. This is a great script, but it does everything on the index page, what about the idea that, by clicking on some video, it takes to the single page and shows the video there?
    something like
    can someone help with it?

  40. Hey,

    Has anybody fixed the multiple search term bug? If you type two words in the tag search or in the code itself, it crashes. You can get around it by using a ‘+’ between each term. This works great until you goto ‘prev’ or ‘next’. It then crashes again.

    It also crashes if you try it in the demo here :-

    I have tried the fix by postnip above but that returns this error

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /youtube.class.php on line 126

    Any ideas anybody?


  41. Hello,

    Ignore the above message. I had used copy-paste of the code in postnips’ message. After going through and changing the ‘ ” etc it worked just fine!


  42. Number in left had corner. Does anybody know why when you click on a link it displays it’s # in the top left corner? Using IE7. Does it on demo and on my site too.


  43. Hi, is it possible to get this to work on a Group instead on searching a tag?

  44. And what about that php4 version? Does anyone know where to go to download it???

  45. Bob,

    Can u pls post your solution here. I try to fix the multi-keyword search with no success. Ty

  46. So has the php4 project been given up on? Does anyone have an update?

  47. To fix the problem with errors on multiple word searches just do this:
    1. Open youtube.class.php
    2. Replace line 125 with “$this->tag = ‘&tag=’ . str_replace(” “, “+”, $_GET[‘tag’]);” (without first and last “)
    3. Done

    You can try it out at

    Waxjelly: Cool script! Will get in handy on my new project… Will let you know when it’s done!

  48. Ty David,

    it works this update but all keywords u input have to be in youtube database (must be valid tags) otherwise u get an error, i mean, try the keyword “m4m4” for example. It will give the 193 line error.

    Anyway i am trying to use it in a different way but have the problem of youtube only send you information for the first 1000 matches per API call by tag. I mean, the word “car” will return 19142 pages but you know that page 41 will give error ( assuming the 25 records per pag ).

    Is there anyway we can only limit the ( prev and next ) to show only until pag 40. As i am not a coder this seems like a complex thing to do and i do not know where on the youtube.class.php where to tune.

    Ty for any tip and help,

  49. to my it appears to me east Notice error: Undefined index: in C:\AppServ\www\youtube.api\index.php on line 59 Notice: Undefined index: in C:\AppServ\www\youtube.api\index.php on line 66 Views: Notice: Undefined index: in C:\AppServ\www\youtube.api\index.php on line 68 Comments: Notice: Undefined index: in C:\AppServ\www\youtube.api\index.php on line 69 Tags: Notice: Undefined index: in C:\AppServ\www\youtube.api\index.php on line 70 So that?

  50. When I do the above fix for multiple search:

    To fix the problem with errors on multiple word searches just do this:
    1. Open youtube.class.php
    2. Replace line 125 with “$this->tag = ‘&tag=’ . str_replace(” “, “+”, $_GET[’tag’]);” (without first and last “)
    3. Done

    I am getting this error:

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘=’ in /home/public_html/youtube.class.php on line 125

    any idea?

  51. Forget it, I fixed it. The cut and paste created incorrect ‘ and ”

    $this->tag = ‘&tag=’. str_replace(” “, “+”, $_GET[‘tag’]);

  52. Great script

    any idea how to solve these two problems

    in ie explorer 7 when you click on a thumbanil for some reason the css background gets unread (the demon here does it as well) just the background it seems?? it works all fine in firefox

    Now one solution is to bring the include in the index into the body, if you want the script to work as is this is a fix for ie.

    However and please help! a main wish for me is title on each page, so how can i get the title of the movie in the head and show on top of page, if I move the include out of where it is now I can no longer get the code to provide an auto title.

    i have tried the

  53. Anyone have this for PHP4 yet?

  54. Johno – I found the way to correct this is to align the DIV to center. That will fix it.

  55. Excelent!,

    now, u know how can i upload videos?

  56. …any help for how i can limit the pagination in order to show only the 1000 entries that youtube API limits.

    “I mean, the word “car” will return 19142 pages but you know that page 41 will give error ( assuming the 25 records per pag ).”

    php help pls?

  57. Thanks bleucube

    Anyone know the fix for pamps?

    Also when you click a thumbnail the page reverts back to the original thumbnails, is there not a way of keeping at the new page thumbs?

  58. @Bleucube: you’ve made such a nice solution on your zombiecentral page – any chance you will share your wisdom with the many of us longing to make this work in PHP4? I’ve been trying to cludge something together using bits and pieces from various sources and it’s so close but no cigar. Even if it isn’t perfect, it would probably help us a whole lot! Thanks in advance!

  59. Send me an email bleucube @ for php4 version that includes most fixes list here and additional functions.

  60. Sweet!!! This is exactly what I’ve been looking for :D Thanks for this!!

  61. One other thing, the script gives errors if the search term has spaces. Editing this line of code fixed it:
    public function return_call() {
    /*this line*/ return str_replace(” “, “%20”, $this->api_call);

  62. You might want to replace that with $clean = urlencode($this->api_call);

  63. MrKryptic are you using the php5 or original version? So far I haven’t came across any problems with spaces.

  64. Any idea how to correct the script to produce special language characters. like the fada in gaelic or the german umlet.á é í ó ú
    example try the tag gaeilge on the demo and then on youtube

    all the special characters as it is now come out as code

    Anyonw know how to fix it so it comes out as ordinary text

  65. also the page is never ending

    example it may say page 1 of 3 but you can keep clicking indefinate but page is same. search engines may not list any site that repeats identical content.

  66. Damn I didn’t even notice that pages will continue for ever. Even if you have only 1 page of results it will list list pages constantly. I think SE’s will classify them as duplicate content.

  67. search engines (google) will put the pages into supplemental at best, as the script stands that is definate.
    anyone know how to make the script produce clean html for special characters in languages? things like á é come out as bad code right now.
    i will work on the pages and answers if someone can do the above.

  68. I worked with the scrip alot more. Was able to do some customizing on it so far on 1 of my sites. Even if the same video is looked at the page has different text so that it doesn’t have duplicate pages. Also added SEO urls and dynamic page titles and stuff like that. Was also able to protect the script some so that I can put duplicate copies up on different domains and servers. That’s for this script.

  69. Sounds very good Zaiaku

    Can you share these updates?

  70. You guys :) We’re going to revise the PHP5 version to be as bug-free as possible from all of your comments, and release the first version of the PHP4 YouTube API. Yes we know we’ve said that 3, or 4 times, but we realy put a lot of TLC into this next release.

    Stay tuned.

  71. Sounds great Bryan.

    Is it possible for in between the wothwhile wait to get the corrected code to limit the pages. so if it says 1 of 6 then only 6 pages will be available.

  72. Maybe I should wait to you all release the updated versions to make sure the no confliccs. Then include the changes I made.

  73. Zaiaku, just give me a list of the stuff you modified and I’ll be sure to note your changes when we finalize the dev work.

  74. The 3 main ones where:

    Video Title is page title
    Video Description is page description
    SEO urls

    I was able to intergrate your script with some forum scripts but I don’t use many of them. Just vbulletin and phpbb. I only did that so people could post them into forum posts.

  75. Hey do you guys have any time frame for the next release ?

  76. Can you please post the code to make


    To this:

    when i click on the video my link show only the ?video_id

    Can you help me to show &tag &page?

    Nice code

  77. Can anyone send me the full code have on this link?

    The download link is not the same have here

  78. The updating the code. Give them time to post a new link with all the fixes.

  79. I found a quick and dirty fix to make the script output special characters like æ, ø, ë, é etc.

    Around line 96, just before the code “return $array;”, add these two lines of code:

  80. To str_replace work on my site i have changed

    $this->tag = ‘&tag=’ . str_replace(” “, “+”, $_GET[’tag’]);

    $this->tag = ‘&tag=’ . str_replace(” “, “+”, $_GET[‘tag’]);

  81. nice one gavetips

    And sorry to my post above….here have str_replace to LOL

  82. If you put this code before …not work

    Place the code ABOVE “return $array;”

  83. There’s a diffrent between those too lines?

  84. Well done gavetips, works. thank you.

    anyone know how to limit the thumb page search so it sticks to the actual pages available, so for example 1 0f 6 has only 6 viewable pages.

  85. Can anyone send the code of video_id=***&tag=***&page=***

    The demo is not the same as the zip file

  86. [09-Jul-2007 06:01:49] PHP Notice: Undefined index: title in youtube.class.php on line 93

    [09-Jul-2007 06:01:49] PHP Notice: Undefined index: description in youtube.class.php on line 94

    [09-Jul-2007 06:01:49] PHP Notice: Undefined index: tag in index.php on line 91

    [09-Jul-2007 06:01:49] PHP Notice: Undefined index: in index.php on line 126

    No fixes?

  87. YEs its very buged
    When i search for “u2” its show the videos of “u2” , but when i click on video its get php errors “undefined index” and its back to public function videos($data = ‘xxx’, $method = BY_TAG) {

  88. they will be releasing a new version with all the bug fixes. There will be a new story post about it.

  89. hi, this is a nice script thnx. we are waiting for your new version.

  90. If you post the incomplete code maybe i can increase the code to work fine.

  91. You’ll proably have to get someone to uploa the old version to do that.

  92. No updates?

    when you release the next version?

  93. Some tips for all…

    When the user put on search letter like ÇÁã etc…the script crash……To fix it go to index.php


    And put ABOVE:

    return true;
    return false;


    Change to:

  94. Sorry….my code don´t appear here…

  95. Not that anyone has used charcters like that on my pages but would be nice to cover all basis just incase.

  96. When you search a video and this video come with that title format:


    your page crash…

    to fix it open youtube.class.php and find:

    //Add a simple element
    $array[$key] = $child;

    if($fils==0) {
    return (string)$xml;

    And put below

    $array[‘title’]=str_replace(“_”, ” “,($array[‘title’]));

  97. This seems to be only for the PHP5 version. I haven’t came across this issue with the PHP4 but good fine. Bryan did state that he will do his best to include all fixes in the next version.

  98. waiting for the “video_id=***&tag=***&page=***” code… i’ve tried to get it by myself, but i couldn’t get it right….

  99. Ok..its not finaly code but you can use provisory..

    On index.php find on line 41:


    And change to:

    ‘?video_id={$v[‘id’]}&tag=”.str_replace(” “, “+”, $_GET[‘tag’]).”&page=”.YOUTUBE_PAGE.”‘

    But don´t forget to access the link with :


    Because im waiting for the finaly source to.

  100. and 1 more tip

    On index.php find on line 26:

    Change to:


    Its get the tag every page when you click on video and stay on the same tag!

  101. God….Sorry…i can´t post codes here…..because here have strip_tags lol

  102. Look my Printscreen

  103. I found a new site and i think they are using the script. Maybe they will help some of you with a few issues. site: go to their video link



  104. interesting thank you…
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  105. Dana that uses a totally different script.

  106. Morpheu: Thanks, it’s wrong, but now I got, the correct is:


    Change to this:

    worked fine here, unless if you use 2 words tag

  107. another bug of my code, it doesn’t work on index… until you click on next page..

  108. when you do a search it uses the same script. The source code is the exact same as this one.


  109. Its not the same script trust me. It uses a similar method for getting the video but its a diffrent script all together.

    One big different is that Brian script is only using 1 page. And really only uses 2 files. The script that site is using is the same as topvideoshare version 1.5. That’s why the search page is search.php and the video page is watch.php

  110. No updates?:

  111. is it possible to get code for page numbering problems now.

  112. I’m not sure if Bryan is addressing that or not in the next version. There will be alot of fixes implemented. Where ever he leaves off at someone else will add their on fixes after the new version.

  113. OK thanks for the info of future updates.

    Has anyone got the pagination fix now?

  114. Hi Wax can you send me a working version or the latest version I would gladly appreciate it.

  115. i cant get it work this, could anyone did it?

  116. Rob,
    The pagination will be fixed in the next version.

    If you using the older one, make sure you running it on a PHP5 server. Also may need to checc you server settings. It does work.

  117. hi guys
    pls can anybody copy paste their youtube.class (fixed one)here as im having that multible search problem and i dont understand from php at all.
    people explained above and did what they said but still having the problem.
    thanks you very much indeed

  118. hi,
    Still struggling against the Fatal error: Cannot use string offset as an array in /home/ppamps/public_html/youtube.class.php on line 197 when you serach using a word like : uferhfieehi or some tag tht youtube does not have. I suppose is this….

    Has anyone been able to solve this?

    Ty a lot,

  119. Line 197 ???
    That’s a comment line for me. Post what it shows are your line 197. Most likely it does come from when search for a video that youtube doesn’t a tag words or discription that has that word.

  120. is new script coming out? if yes when will this be?

  121. “”””hi guys
    pls can anybody copy paste their youtube.class (fixed one)here as im having that multible search problem and i dont understand from php at all.
    people explained above and did what they said but still having the problem.
    thanks you very much indeed”””

    anybody will help ?

  122. Dave, you will just have to apply the fix for it. I wouldn’t mind posting it but I cusomize mine so much it has alotof extra stuff on it.

  123. zaiaku
    all i need this multiple search problem to be fixed.
    if necessary im ready to pay for it.
    i don’t understand why site admin is not replacing the zip with fixed one as i see that demo is working great now.
    if anybody wanna send the fixed script.
    my email-msn:
    admiral_alican @ hotmail .com

  124. […] youtube’dan ceken gelistirmeye acik bir video scripti yapan ve yayinlayan Simple YouTube API Class in PHP: Redeaux WaxJelly demo Youtube izle indir download RapidShare: 1-Click Webhosting tek yapmaniz gereken rar i acip […]


  126. Anyone managed to integrate this with code igniter at all?

  127. Please can someone tell me how to fix the pagination problem.
    the update says
    [quote]Page numbers are inaccurate, and don’t allow you to go to the last page because of numbering issues

    * This was caused by YouTube displaying x amount of videos per page, and us/you having a different number of results per page, for example compared to YouTube’s 20 results per page. So while there would be 3149 pages, there’s really not that many because you either have MORE videos per page than YouTube does, or you have way less, either way this has been fixed by dividing the total number of videos by the amount of videos you want per page.

    any fix please.

  128. I am trying to debug the class now.
    When the result from youtube is only one video I get an empty result and when the result is empty I get an error.
    Can someone please tell me what this line does:
    return (string)$xml;

    I am probably to stupid, but will this line return?

  129. ***Problems with pages***

    I am working on fixing this. I found the problem and the problem is youtube doesnt service more than a thousand videos per search. So if you have 20 per page you can only go to page 50. At 51 it will error out. So the scripting that Im going to work on will limit the results to 1000 per search. So keep that in mind on how many you choose to have on your page.

  130. Nice find. 1000 search limit should be easy to cap off. Thanks for the find.

  131. Anybody managed to get the pagination solved?

  132. Can someone figure out how to take the youtube embedd code and replace it with your own site? At the same time displaying for others to copy and paste?

  133. What is te final fix for the multie word search issue? I can’t get it to work!

  134. I’m mostly using the php4 version. I have’t done much work with php5 version so can’t help you fix that.

  135. I love this script.

    Is there anyway to do the same thing with


  136. I managed to get the script working bug free and it compliments my youtube video downloader script now! Great script…love it.

  137. i love it :) thank you!

  138. Hi every one where can I get the script?

    Thank you

  139. I need the coding to display related video in the video player page ajax

    any idea how to add comment system?

    Please help

  140. hi Meshach,
    i am facing these errors plz guide me where n wht i am missing ?

    Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: Cannot send session cookie – headers already sent by (output started at /home/xxx/public_html/videos/wp-admin/admin-header.php:16) in /home/xxx/public_html/videos/wp-content/plugins/youtube.class.php on line 5

    Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: Cannot send session cache limiter – headers already sent (output started at /home/xxx/public_html/videos/wp-admin/admin-header.php:16) in /home/xxx/public_html/videos/wp-content/plugins/youtube.class.php on line 5

    Notice: Use of undefined constant p0XIq – assumed ‘p0XIq’ in /home/xxx/public_html/videos/wp-content/plugins/index.php on line 4

    Notice: Use of undefined constant UuXeE – assumed ‘UuXeE’ in /home/xxx/public_html/videos/wp-content/plugins/index.php on line 4

    Notice: Undefined index: video_list in /home/xxx/public_html/videos/wp-content/plugins/youtube.class.php on line 193

    Notice: Undefined index: video_list in /home/xxx/public_html/videos/wp-content/plugins/youtube.class.php on line 205

    Notice: Undefined index: video_list in /home/xxx/public_html/videos/wp-content/plugins/youtube.class.php on line 206

    Notice: Undefined index: video_list in /home/xxx/public_html/videos/wp-content/plugins/index.php on line 13

  141. Where do i get a youtube API developer key, i can see a developer ID in “Developer profile” but it is giving me error

  142. help
    someone plz make a reply

    one thing more where to put these 2 files,plz let me know their paths. where to put index n youtube.class.php

  143. this script is incredible buggy!

  144. Your youtube class is very good.

    I have a little problem with that,
    Whenever i m running that i have this errors on page,

    Warning: file_get_contents( [function.file-get-contents]: failed to open stream: Permission denied in /home/u5/jessicam/ on line 209

    Fatal error: Uncaught exception ‘Exception’ with message ‘String could not be parsed as XML’ in /home/u5/jessicam/ Stack trace: #0 /home/u5/jessicam/ SimpleXMLElement->__construct(”) #1 /home/u5/jessicam/ youtube->display() #2 /home/u5/jessicam/ youtube->videos(”, ‘list_by_user’) #3 /home/u5/jessicam/ include_once(‘/home/u5/jessic…’) #4 /home/u5/jessicam/ include(‘/home/u5/jessic…’) #5 /home/u5/jessicam/ require_once(‘/home/u5/jessic…’) #6 /home/u5/jessicam/ require(‘/home/u5/jessic…’) #7 {main} thrown in /home/u5/jessicam/ on line 217

    can anybody help with that?
    thank you

  145. aleandro no it is not buggy, as i have seen lots of sites running this addon on web, but the script maker is not coming online thats why we are still hanging in air

  146. You can all download my bug free PHP4 version at


  147. nice share by bluecube

  148. This is very helpful. Any plans for new Youtube API too?

  149. Hy, what about the php 4 version? Please, can you tell us something?.. thanks…

  150. enterprise car rental los angeles
    enterprise car rental los angeles

  151. bleucube, you just did it man, bravo nice script

  152. I have new PHP demo up. I stripped the tagcloud beause of all the spam. Should work flawlessfly. This is another example on easy it is to configure the script.




  153. bleucube, you have not got it bugfree. your pagination is still endless.

  154. This is probably a simple question, but I just can’t find the answer, I ‘m using the script for php4 from bleucube and on after a user searched for videos, I want a sentence in which I repeat what the user searched for. What is the variable I should echo? $tag and $tags and many others I tried are all undefined?!

  155. Love the script.

    I am using bleucube’s version and it works great. I worked around the 1000 limit by putting 99 videos per page and wrapping them in a scrollable div. For my purposes this works great.

    Now the only issue I have left is this error.
    Fatal error: Cannot use string offset as an array in /home/whatwou/public_html/uketube/youtube.class.php on line 486

    I get it whenever I search for tags that aren’t in the youtube database. If I could get this error fixed then I could set the script up to hide all php errors and it would just show 0 results when the tag is not available.

    Anyone have any idea how I can fix this issue. I am so close to having this working the way I want it. :)

    Check it out here.

    Thanks in advance, Jereme

  156. If you put “jijfoejfoeri” or “auto ufhiur” you will find php error in search because youtube returns no match.

    Is there anyway to prevent this?

    think that, unless this is fix, it is no use to use this script..

  157. @pamps
    Yes, I agree! This is definitely an issue that limits the use of the script.

    Hoping for a fix, Jereme

  158. Ok, I have got it all working the way that I want it to.

    I moved the script to a server that is using php4 and now if I search for a tag that is not in the YouTube database I just get no results without the error.

    You can check it out here.

    Once my domain forwarding is setup you can see it here.

    I would love to hear what you guys think of my implementation of the script.

    Thanks, Jereme

  159. @bleucube

    How about adding Downloadable URL under the flash video??

    It will be very nice, like this script does…

  160. Could you please tell me where is the PHP 4 version of this class?



  161. @Dshe

    I have just figured out how to add a Download Video link on my site that uses this script.

    You can check it out here.

    If there is enough interest, I will put together something to show how I accomplished this.

    Thanks, Jereme

  162. Thanks bleutube!

    I used your version on the Joplin CrashPad and it worked perfectly! Only took a few minutes to install and customize and does everything you said. Is there a way maybe to get it so that if you hover your mouse over the thumbnails it will give a description?

    I haven’t made a link to it yet, because I just got done, but here’s a direct link:

    Thanks again, bleubuddy!

  163. NM, I figured it out. To get it to display the thumbnail video’s title when you hover your mouse over the thumbnail, find the line in index.php that starts out:

    echo “‘><img src='{$v[‘thumbnail_url’]}’

    and add:

    title = ‘{$v[‘title’]}’ right behind it.

    Great API!


  164. @CrashDaddy

    Thanks for the title code!!!

    This just keeps getting better!!!


  165. hi Jereme
    where to change the code to get no video if any search item is not there in Youtube? Please help me. Thanks in advance.

  166. I have added a Full Page View option and a few other tweaks to

    Love to hear your thoughts.

    Thanks, Jereme

    PS @Siyon

    I used a div background image to get the no video effect. See below:


  167. @Siyon

    Sorry for the duplicate post, but the code snippet keeps getting blocked. You can send me an email at jeremehancock at whatwouldjesusdownload dot com and I would be happy to share the code with you.

    Thanks, Jereme

  168. Hi Jereme thankyou for your reply. Please have a look at the mail i sent to you. Hope you’ll give reply.
    Thanks, siyon

  169. @Siyon
    No problem, I just sent the code to your email.

    Let me know if you have any questions.

    Thanks, Jereme

  170. SORRY INGONRE THAT ABOVE…. I meant this:

    $this->return = file_get_contents(youtube::return_call());


    $str = $this->return;
    if (preg_match(“/”,)) {
    // echo “A match was found.”;
    } else {
    echo “A match was not found.”; //redirect or whatever, show error….

  171. Hi Jereme, You’re doing some good things with this code. I like the cat site! If you’re not too busy spending all that Google ca$h you’ve GOT to be raking in with those sites, I sure wouldn’t mind getting ahold of your download code.

    My email address is and thanks for the excellent mods!

  172. Oops, sorry, the cat site is Bluecube’s, the Ukulele site is Jereme’s…they both rock.


  173. @CrashDaddy,
    Thanks for your kind words. The site is a combination of ooglester’s script and some other free youtube download scripts that are available online.

    You can send me an email at jeremehancock at whatwouldjesusdownload dot com and I will send you some of the resources that I used.

    Thanks, Jereme

  174. Also, folks please keep in my that this script does not use the new Gdata api. This api WILL expire in August. I’m working on a new one with Gdata that uses java (no php). Hope to release it shortly. Will post it up on

  175. @bleucube
    Can’t wait to see the new script!!!

    Thanks, Jereme

  176. Thanks for this post

  177. i will test it, thank you

  178. I have just put together another site using this ooglester’s version of this script. I have not tested it in IE so any feedback is appreciated.

    Linux Videos:

    Thanks, Jereme

  179. I have just registered a new domain for my Linux videos site.

    Thanks, Jereme

  180. When a video is selected from the thumbnails the number of the video is displayed in the top left corner.
    Does anyone know how to change this so it does not display the number? Thanks

  181. yes, you should remove an “echo” command that shows that number. Now i don’t remember where it is, but it is easy to find.

  182. i want to ask you all if you know how to change the video sorting order. I want to show the most recent uploaded videos and not the most relevants.

  183. Thanks sgrunt I found it. It worked a treat. Thanks again.

  184. Hey guys,

    I get an white screen if i search something without results..

    Any ideas?

  185. Big updates for my two YouTube indexing sites!!

    I have now using a completely new system. It has a nice Admin panel for adding videos and has a lot of potential for future features.

    You can check it out here.

    Here are my sites using it.

    Thanks, Jereme

  186. Hi
    need the script for the “youtube.class.php” which has the code for “No videos matched your criterias ” and the paging problem..

  187. @metoome
    I just sent you and email explaining how I did it.
    Thanks, Jereme

  188. Jereme
    Please could you email me the same guide.
    a few of us have been trying but no luck

  189. @john
    It is really not that complicated. I simply gave the div a background image that says “video not found”. The image is always displayed, but is only visible when there are no videos listed.

    To get the PHP error I had to use’s version of the script on a PHP server.

    Hope that will help.

    Thanks, Jereme

  190. Thanks Jereme, i will look into it..
    but how about the paging problem..when am on the 5th page.. and if click any of the vedio , then the vedio comes play’s on the right side.. and the contents on the left returns back to first page..
    how to solve this.. ?


  191. is dosn’t work! :( Can any one send me this script?


  192. @Lexa
    I have purchased and am in the progress of re-vamping it. So keep checking back.
    Thanks, Jereme

  193. The new is now available. The new site focuses on a new script that uses the new YouTube API.

    Check it out and let me know what you think.

    Thanks, Jereme

  194. Jereme can I sell this script if I create a new template for it? Your rad me doesn’t mention anything about what rights users have to this. Also, is this bug free?

  195. @re
    Yes feel free to use the script however you like. I would appreciate it if you would leave the “Powered By:” but that is up to you.

    Thanks, Jereme

  196. Jereme,

    Thanks for the script. I would like to change a few things but need some guidance. First, I would like to pull the most recent videos for each keyword. It looks like the script is pulling based on relevance. Second, i would like each page to have a keyword which does NOT include the front page keyword.

    I am learning PHP, but the script is way past my level. If you could give me some pointers, it would be apprecieated.


  197. I figured out how to change the order. I am stuck on the second part. Also the additional pages always always add funny to the front. I can’t make them use my keyword.

    I found some of the template files (header & detail) are pulling images from your server.

  198. @Mike
    I am not sure how to set it up to pull the most recent videos first. That is a good idea and I will try to look into it.

    As for having “pages” with different keywords that is fairly easy. In the ReadMe file you should see instructions for editing certain files to include the main page keyword. You can easily just remove these.

    Take a look at it and let me know if that makes sense.


  199. @Mike
    How did you change the order?

    Thanks for letting me know about the images being pulled from my server. I have updated the package.

    Take a look at the files listed in the ReadMe file that you are instructed to edit and you should see where you can remove the main page or default keyword from the other links.

    Just let me know if you need more help and I can email you the changes.

    Thanks, Jereme

  200. Jereme,

    Changing the order – Line 9 of /lib/services.php contians the GDATA API call. One of the parameters appended to the URL is ‘orderby’ which allows you cange the order. The full description of the parameters is here:

    There is some thing wrong with my menu. I made all the changes in the readme, but it is still using ‘funny’

    Can we bring the discussion over to the DP forums? I hate having long threads in blogs. especially in a third-parties dead blog. this thing could go down like the titanic.

  201. i don’t understand some site have only 2 file and display all video but some script more file and this is not work perfect.

  202. @mikedd
    Thanks for finding that. I knew it was somewhere but I could not recall where. I have changed the demo and package to come that way by default.

    Yes, I agree it would be easier to discuss this somewhere else. If you would like you can email me at jeremehancock (at) whatwouldjesusdownload (dot) com or you can start a DP forum thread and let me know the link.

    I honestly have no idea what you are asking or saying.
    Sorry, Jereme

  203. Hi Jereme,

    Have recently installed your script but have a couple of problems, the right hand links and the video tags take me to a blank page?

    Do you have any ideas of what might be causing the problem? Video page found here:

    Thanks for the Script!

  204. @Aberystwyth
    Did you upload the .htaccess file located in the ooglester_demo_v1.2 folder? I believe this may be why you are having the problem.

    Let me know if that fixes it.

    I am glad to hear that you like the script. I like the way you have integrated it into your site.

    Thanks, Jereme

  205. Hi Jereme,

    Yes the .htaccess file is upload, and have followed your instructions in the read me file, so I’m not sure what I am doing wrong?

    This is what is in the .htaccess file:

    Options -MultiViews
    RewriteEngine On

    #detail page
    RewriteRule ^video/(.*)/(.*).html detail.php?vid=$1

    #other page, process in list.php
    RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
    RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d
    RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-l
    RewriteRule ^.* list.php

    Any help much appreciated.

  206. @Aberystwyth
    Hmm, I am not sure what is going on then.

    I have simply extracted the demo package and made the one change to the init.php file and it is working perfectly. There is someone else saying they are having the same issue so something is wrong.

    You can see the demo test that I did by simply extracting the package here.


  207. Hi Jereme,

    Have just downloaded and installed the script within a different folder with the same results as the first, right hand links, video tags and search taking me to a blank page?

    There’s probably a very simple solution but I do not know what… arrrr

    Best Regards

  208. hi there,
    how could you use modwrite with the youtube results?
    instead of: ?video_id=164FFF
    USE: my-videos-164FFF.php (164FFF is the video ID )
    ??regards and thanks a lot.

  209. Hai jereme,

    You did a good job in your new version.
    However would it be possible to make it more simpel ?
    I mean the earlier older version was easy to set up into your own (php cms) design.
    This version is completed and too much for uses into a cms.
    I would be nice to have only two files again ( a class and a example page )
    Thanks for all your work

  210. @ceasar
    I appreciate your kind words. I understand your desire to have a simpler script. However, the new script is a complete rewrite of the script. I am not the original owner of the ooglester site or script. I purchased the site and script and am working to develop the site and script with the new YouTube API in mind.

    For those who have been having trouble with the blank results. I have released v1.3 of the script that should fix the issue. The script was having trouble on servers running PHP 4. I have made a few changes and have tested the script on both PHP 4 and PHP 5.

    Please let me know if you have any trouble with the newest release.

    Thanks, Jereme

  211. Hi Jereme,

    FANTASTIC!!! Your upgrade to the script has done the trick, now works great, take a look at the link:

    Very simple script to install and customise to suit your sites layout, thanks for working out the problem and correcting it :-)

    Best Regards

  212. 1.3 does in fact fix my blank page errors but has it been discussed the problem with the Next page issue?

    lets say the tag has 16 results – at 5 vids per page i get Next page up to page3 – Page3.html does not add the Next page option to get to Page4…BUT Page4.html exists and i can load it.

    Thanks for a great script

  213. @Alan
    Thanks for letting me know how it is going.

    I am not able to recreate the issue that you are having with the Next page option.


  214. @Alan
    Ok, I just got the Next page bug. I will work on getting that fixed for the next release. Thanks for letting me know about it.


  215. hi again, have anybody used mod write with this API ?
    Id appreciate any help.

  216. You say that you will be making a java version I hope not, tell ya the truth I prefer php java crashes ones browser quite often or do you just mean with some java script or ajax helpers, added but you said somthing like no php I think thats a big mistake in my opin

    I would love to see a version thats like the old php class that we all love, but uses the new api and is coded in php I do not like java aps at all please think about a php version that continues where the old class left off, as I made some fantastic mods based on the orig class for a client and realy need a php version …

    Would be fantastic if thers a drop in replacement so we don’t have to change much if we develped a full script around the org class which im sure many of us have …

    Anyone else agree with me on this?


  217. hi jereme, i have download and installed your script trying to fit it at my website, you can check the demo at: ,but Im gonna fit it at, Ill work on it later, now I wanna get more nirvana related videos like at videos-nirvana.html,something else, when I click on a video title,it cant be played,no video player is seen,why?

  218. @nt
    Looks great.

    Are you using Internet Explorer to view the script? If so I may need to fix something. It looks great and the player is visible and functions in Firefox. Let me know and I can easily fix the issue if it is what I think it might be.
    Thanks, Jereme

  219. you r great man.. keep up the good work!

  220. hi again jereme,
    well I build websites tested in IE,Firefox,Opera,etc. I test them in every browser so make sure.well i have fixed everything I told you before,it works gr8!, now im gonna change the dir.At my actual videos section I am using youtube API and I cant install mod rewrite like you did in your’d be gr8 if you can fix that(at youtube api).

  221. hi,I actually wanna use your script at my root,But i get a blank page,why?
    pd: I have done the same as on a different dir

  222. @NT
    I am not sure I understand what you are asking. :(


  223. @jereme
    I wanna use this script but in my root,not within another directory like (videos/),But I dont want to use the index source into another page named videos.php or videos.html ,understand? I tried it,but I get a blank page.
    best regards

  224. @jereme,
    hi its me again,:lol:
    I have done what I was asking.check this out, this is my template (its where Im supposed to add the videos,but everytime I try,I get nothing,just blank page):
    and this is what I get when I add your script at my root(public_html),but out of my template,cause when I wanna use my template, I get a blank page like I said before:
    but in this case i cant get the search form and the keywords neither.
    any suggestion?

    best regards

  225. If it were me I would install the script to its own directory and strip it down so that you can use an iframe on your main page. I have used this technique a lot and it can really work well.


  226. @everybody
    hey guys, its donde, I have finally fit ooglester’s youtube script to my own template,please check: and tell me suggestions, id appreciate it. now im trying to add new features,wish me luck.
    best regards

    pd:im gonna link ooglester back when its done finally.

  227. @nt
    Looks great! How did you finally get it going?

    I would definitely appreciate the link back.

    Great Job!!


  228. @Jereme
    well I edited all of the default files with my own template,added description and keywords meta tags,and installed MIMETYPES to change the index.php to index.html as default.I was tryng to delete the video ID from the SEO URL,but I couldnt make it cause the video couldnt be displayed.But after all,I worked it out.
    best regards,

  229. hi
    any way to make a comments system based on the video ID?

    best regards

  230. hi
    any way to sort videos by uploaded date same as :

    i have trying the api but my results are older than last videos..

    best regards

  231. Where’s the php 4 version? I can’t find it in this nice blog. Could you please show me the link?

  232. thx for this site…great job

  233. hi,,great script,,get me busy many hours.:-) anybody want to share the page navigatie fix??,,also i want the video lenght in minutes in the script,,who can help.

  234. We have just added a new YouTube Downloader Script at!

    Thanks, Jereme

  235. Jeremy

    Can you make the script van waxjelly using the gdat,i look into your files but not understand,,plz me.


  236. […] After doing a bit of snooping round for a simple Youtube API Class for a site I am currently working on, I found this. […]

  237. Hi Jereme,

    I’m trying to install your scrip but I’m getting this error:

    Warning: Call-time pass-by-reference has been deprecated; If you would like to pass it by reference, modify the declaration of xml_parse_into_struct(). If you would like to enable call-time pass-by-reference, you can set allow_call_time_pass_reference to true in your INI file. in …/lib/xml2array.php on line 5

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in …/index.php on line 57

    Help Please. I’m stuck and my knowledge of PHP is like… well…Zero.
    The site is hosted with DreamHost.

    Best Regards

  238. Hi there, is your script still available anywhere? the links to the zip files no longer work.

    Thanks so much!

  239. @ anybody
    Have you installed a comments systema based on the video ID. That’d be cool. :lol:

    best regards !

  240. Hi

    Your tutorial is very nice I am looknig more info in easy details. Following re queries:

    1)how to log into system to show videos(if login is required)

    2)display videos of particular user.
    3)showing rating and comments
    4)Video browser(preview)

    I will be greatful if you send it to me. I have also bookmarked your page. Urgent help needed

  241. When i have empy string the page give error:

    Fatal error: Cannot use string offset as an array in D:\xampp\htdocs\welcome\youtube.class.php on line 197

    Any ideeas?

    Any bug fix released?

  242. many thanks my dear pall

  243. hi plz help me i m use this script but this not work and send error

    Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting T_OLD_FUNCTION or T_FUNCTION or T_VAR or ‘}’ in /home/www/ on line 36

    plz tell me plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  244. any file update for php 4 version?

  245. I now know what your youtube dev id is. You should really keep it secret

  246. how can i integrate you tube in my site

  247. Hello, is there any problem right now in Youtube getting videos? I’m getting Undefined index: video_list in youtube.class.php on line 193

  248. Yes, I am getting the same error, their server went down?

  249. Any luck how to get a solution?


  250. Any bug fix on youtube.class for PHP5 because if i search with_underlines or special characters give me error.

    If somebody have it please share with me.

    Thanx and greetings from Romania

  251. And i need please for pagination too. Thx

  252. I notice that
    $pagecontent = file_get_contents($_POST[“youtubeurl”]);

    file_get_contents function always return empty when sending the request to a youtube URL, on the other hand if
    $pagecontent = file_get_contents(“”);

    then it works fine, anyone have any idea why youtube URL now doesn’t work?

  253. Just wondering if you are still working on the php4 version.

    thanks in advance.

  254. […] Recurso: Una clase en PHP con ejemplos para utilizar la API […]

  255. script is stop working,,youtube problem???????

  256. Just tried the script, and it errors out complaining about the video_list variable.

  257. The scripts was working a week ago. Today it finally quit working. I think the reason behind this error is the new implementation of You Tube API.

  258. Hi just downloaded the script and played, everyone is having problems but what got me is with mutemath the script works, figured out its with any spaces you put in your search query, until there is a fix, and im sure its a minor php thing, just put %20 where your spaces would be and atleast the thumbnails come back, and thats the only bit i want :D, ill post again after i try and get the player bit working. This free script is great by the way, I have been using javascript, thanks a load to the developers, I look forward to any advancements :D

  259. I replaced the entire scripts with one javascript per You tube’s recommendation. It is working really well, but still requires some refinement specially positioning the player if used within the existing site, but if used on a single page, it works perfectly fine. Here is the sample site I used a simple page refresh javascript to clear the search results. My only concern is the positioning of the player.

  260. Thi script is long past its due time now. There’s been so many advancement with simliar scripts, that this script has gone to dust for the time.

  261. Please, can you tell me how can I do to display all related comments of a video?

    Best regards.

  262. Excellent but i need a bit more.. moreover, i need to upload video to from my site. i feel, its possible but i don’t know how. Please someone let me know how can i do it and able to upload video from my site. In addition, a tutorial video will be best help for me.
    Aminul (

  263. […] אפשר להתקין פלאגין: tubepress או להגדיר ידנית: youtube api class redeaux […]

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  265. nice advice thanks.

  266. teşekkürler

  267. Just tried the script, and it errors out complaining about the video_list variable.

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