Myspace Artist Codes that Work

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  1. im trying to move my friends and comments to exactly where i want it to be but i have so many divs that i can’t just use the code thats given in many websites… do u know what i can do about it?

  2. Meshach, you website is a great help and vey informative. I’ve been wrestling with myspace for some time now trying to make an artists page look attractive. Is the best way to redesign using the div overlay method? Is that how you would have done your artist page above?

    thanks for any help


  3. I like the way your profile is especially for a band profile.

  4. Hi, I still dont get how to make the music player appear after I use a div. overlay. I can move the player around but then I don’t know how to change the layout. If I change the layout I cant see the player only hear it.

    Is there a code to put the player back in a layer on the div.?

  5. If you want to hide the maroon nav bar (the one that sticks out on either side of your profile), try

    You may be viewing in a different resolution than I am, and may not see them sticking out. It is also possible that myspace added another entry to the menu, making it longer than it was when you wrote your page.

  6. I’ve been trying to figure out how to work with divs on an artist page…I got the regular pages down but can’t the same code work for an artist page? When it says put this code in the “About Me” section and this code in the “I’d like to meet” section…Where would you put that code in an artist page? When I try to submit the changes there is no save button!

  7. Save Button Problem:
    Turn of Style. You can do this in FireFox via
    View (on the top menu bar)
    Page Style (on the drop down)
    No Style

    Other Problems:

  8. how do you delet the members since table? like all of it.. i want no blue there, nothing, not the table, not the words… just nothing

  9. Hey, i’m trying to get the code for my music player on my myspace music page so i can post the player in comments & bulletins. I see alot of artists doing that and i want to do it to so if anyone know’s how or where to get the code I would appreciate it. My music page is

  10. I’m trying to get a picture at the top of the myspace page, sort of how Meshach did, but everytime I add the picture, it is overlapped by the boxes. How did he get it to overlap, and fit so perfectly?

  11. you can email me at if you need to.

  12. You work with divs the same way on an artist page as you do with with just a regular profile.

  13. how do you edit the About Me information on an artist/band profile ?
    I cant find the field anywhere?

  14. how and where do i paste the codes? i am assuming i paste in the band info section (about me) but when i do and preview nothing happens.. i would like to do my page kinda like how meshach is setup.. thanks in advance

  15. hi im trying to get a large banner at the top of my page,above the rest of the profile. ive got the space for the image to fit in but i cant get the image in it.

    how would i do this?


  16. Thanks for the reply david…the style problem was solved with the addition of ‘safe mode’…i totally forgot about disabling styles in firefox!

    Anyways for the others:

    i got it working ‘somewhat’ by putting code from a regular profile i made into the ‘Bio’ section (instead of ‘About Me’) and the div tags into the ‘Members’ section (instead of ‘Who I’d Like To Meet’)…

    I just have to figure out how to hide or at least modify the friend’s space and comments as they now appear messed up at the bottom of the page…lol…

  17. How I hide my friends in a artist myspace? cuz i dont have “about me” section

  18. How do I get a banner at the top of my music myspace (above the rest of my profile).. Im having the hardest time tryin to figure out how..

  19. Ive moved my entire band myspace down to make room for an image above the banner add; does anyone know how to place a div layer at the top of the page instead of just an image?

  20. for everybody that wants to figure out how to hide you comments on your artist page, type this code in the bio section.

    .friendsComments {display:none;}

    come check out my page at

  21. Meshach, FYI, myspace has broken the old “add to friends” link causing your add to friends link not work on your artist profile.

    The old broken one:

    And the new one that works: FRIEND ID HERE

  22. ive been trying to add people on my band myspace and found out that theirs something that i need to click on to have my page add friends on its own,

  23. how do you hide member since on a band profile?

  24. Hi

    I’m having troubles with these codes … where do I put them ? i want to hide the member since and the text of about me. at the moment the text about me is in black but there is a space instead of that , i want just to remove it if its possible….

    you can check my myspace to see what i’m talking about

  25. Hi

    I’m having troubles with these codes … where do I put them ? i want to hide the member since and the text of about me. at the moment the text about me is in black but there is a space instead of that , i want just to remove it if its possible….

    you can check my myspace to see what i’m talking about


  26. I am trying to put a picture on my background. But the thing is that I have an artist myspace, and it wont let me put any sort of background on my actual profile. Can anybody help? Please?

  27. […] MySpace Artist Codes that Work […]

  28. I would like to have my pictures displayed on the cover page of my profile with the comments and music player and all that but can’t find any code for it.

  29. for hiding anything u want all u have to do is take this code

    .friendSpace {display:none;}
    .friendsComments {display:none;}
    .userProfileDetail {display:none;}
    .contactTable {display:none;}
    .latestBlogEntry {display:none;}

    or any other random hiding code… and put the section u want hiding exp.. u want ur contact tabel hidden u would say .contactTabel {display:none;} add anything else u want just put in that ^^ form.

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  31. I need to find way to get rid of my member since data….And how to align everything on the left justiffied…


    I found out that most of the post people put up to change your myspace background/layout say that you post your html link in your “about me”. BUT some people have artist and band myspaces. TO change yours follow these steps:

    1. Copy the code for your layout
    2. Go to your myspace “edit profile”
    3. Click on the “musician details” tab
    4. Next to “bio” click edit
    5. In the large blank text space add your layout html code.

  33. How do I ADD the “about me” section on my artist profile? I’d like that box to be there and it doesn’t appear as if Myspace gives me that option? Any ideas? Suggestions? Thanks.

  34. how do you edit the About Me information on an artist/band profile ?

    I have a artist/band profile and wen I put my layout code in “bio”. On my profile page it has about me and I dont kno how to put any codes for pics, apps, ect. in “about me” cuz on a music page it suppose to have the bio and others that suppose to be on the artist page. Either I wanna change it to where it has the bio instead of about me or you can show me how to add stuff in about me for an artist’s page. CAN ANYONE HELP ME PLEASE?????

  35. good night .

    im finishing my artist profile but i cant seem how to hide the details general info member since influencies etc etc

    can anyone give me a hint?

    thanks in advanced

    p.s the myspace adress ;)


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