The best Firefox Add-ons…

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  1. fasterfox is also a good add-on… as well as download statusbar and ie tab =)

  2. fasterfox – allows you to tweak the cache system that firefox uses as well as improves the way pages and images load

    download statusbar – instead of the build in download manager, adds a status bar with customizable visual interface to each window/tab

    ie tab – needs no explanation… allows to reload current page with ie shell… and open a new tab with ie in firefox… good for myspace and those… ahhem, trackers… that are only compatable with ie =)

  3. man, web developper is cool, that’s ok. but firebug is the collest developper tools for ever :)

  4. jeremy, I added your comment to the posting. Thanks for the cool tip.

  5. Fasterfox can sometimes mess up the loading of pictures depending on your current type of connection. If you start having problems with pages with alot of pictures, move the setting downa nd that will solve the problem.

  6. Fasterfox and any other method that opens a lot off connections to a site at once is a total bitch on your server. My older server is quite crappy and a few people with faster fox tweaked “all the way up” can soon bring it to it’s knees.

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